Author(s): Dr. Mohammed Abdul Waheed, Ashwini

This system employs multiple technologies for the effective monitoring and protection of the subjected object or an asset. It is attached to the asset to be monitored and tracked in case of a theft. When the object is in its initial position, the analog voltages produced by the accelerometer, on its X, Y and Z outputs are in the normal range and those values are recorded by the microcontroller through the ADC section. Whenever someone attempts to lift or move the object being guarded, without the permission of the owner with the intension of theft, the accelerometer senses the motion and produces signals whose values are considerably different from the normal condition. The tilt might be in any or many of the axis. As the microcontroller is routinely reading these values, it senses the abnormal movement and sounds the buzzer to alert the people around and asks for presenting the RFID card, because the person could also be the owner. In case, the valid RFID card is presented, the system ignores the movement and allows the owner to handle the object as they want. If the RFID card is invalid or fake or no card is presented at all within a time period, the system sends alert SMS containing the information of its current location. The owner can then take immediate action to recover the stolen object. The owner can also, at any time send a SMS with a valid password to know the position of the object. Upon receiving the SMS, the system verifies the password and if it matches with the pre-programmed password, collects the location information and sends a reply SMS to the owner.