Author(s): Daniel Pradeep.M, Dhamodharan.S, Vidhya.R, Arun.V.S, Rajkumar.M, Rajapandi.P, Sampath.S

In this paper, we proposed a new boost converter for hybridizing alternative energy sources. In fact by hybridization of energy sources advantages of different renewable sources are achievable. In this converter power can be flexibly distributed without any distortion between input sources. This converter has several outputs with different voltage levels which make it suitable for interfacing different inverters. Using different inverters leads to reduction of voltage harmonics. The converter has two inductor and two capacitor. Depending on charging and discharging states of the energy storage system, two different power operation modes are defined for the converter. The validity of the proposed converter and its control performance are verified by stimulation and experimental results for different operation conditions