Author(s): Vivek G. Dhamne, Vaibhav R. Jain, Hiren M. Gohel, Nilesh J. Chaudhari, Dr. Purushottam R. Patil

In our society today AIDS disease is seen from different point of view, so person tries to hide his identity at testing centers by providing the fake personal details such as name, address and mobile number. Due to this medical course treatment is not done properly and government cannot arrange various benefits programs. Storing the record & fake details provided by patient are some of the problem faced. To overcome the drawback Integrated Counselling and Testing Centers (ICTC) Database Portal is developed. System will help us to maintain AIDS Patient accurate information with their Bio-metrics Fingerprint. It will also maintain the record of the treatment and testing reports. After implementing the system, when any patient comes to the testing centers he will be ask to scan the fingerprint on the device. As the scanning is finished accurate information will be fetch from legal like database system i.e. AADHAR system, knowingly or unknowingly he could not give the fake details. The project is basically designed for the district level where admin is DPO (District Programme Officer). He will be responsible for the maintaining the details of technicians and patients at Testing Centre’s. He can add or remove the technician. The technician will be responsible for scanning patient fingerprint and fill test related information.