Intrusions in Computer Networks - A Perspective


Author(s): Gulshan Kumar

Nowadays, the Internet is the thing that we all want and like. Today, we are dependent on its abilities to publish, and find the information. We are using its ability to perform online shopping, and communication. Unfortunately, most of the popular softwares contain flaws and mis-configuration. These flaws fail to work with all possible conditions, especially unusual user input. Finding and patching of all software flaws is a major problem of the industry. The intruders exploit flaws in software to mount a variety of intrusions into computer networks. The intrusions affect the users in multiple ways. The protection from intrusions enforces the organizations to bear the additional costs. But, the cost involved in protection from the intrusions is often insignificant when equated with the actual cost of a successful intrusion. In this paper, we explored various types of intrusions and categorized them based upon their behavior and method. Motive behind the intrusions are uncovered. The paper highlights the need of effective intrusion detection. The study in this paper will help the better understanding of different types of intrusions and motivation behind them. The findings of this paper provide useful insights into literature and are beneficial for those who are interested in applications and development of IDSs and related fields.