Author(s): R.Prabhu, S.Jeeva, V.Sabareshwaran, A.Sivagurunathan

The impartial of the package is IOT based agricultural environment monitoring system using arduino. India is the crop growing based country. Our olden people totally depended on the agricultural reaping. Agriculture is a cause of living of mainstream Indians and has great control on the economy of the country. In dry areas or in case of insufficient rainfall, irrigation becomes problematic. So, it needs to be automatic for proper harvest and controlled remotely for farmer safety. Increasing energy costs and decreasing water supplies point out the need for healthier water management. Irrigation management is a hard decision making progression to control when and how much water to relate to a growing crop to meet exact management objectives. If the farmer is far away from the agricultural land he will not be noticed of current environments. So, efficient water organization plays an important role in the irrigated agricultural harvesting systems. A low cost alternative solution for efficient water monitoring currently in use is drip irrigation systems that consist of an programmed processor to turn on & off the control values, which in turn helps the farmers by management the water supply to the crop fields and supplementary keeps the humidity levels of soil that helps in better crop production. This project probes into the design of the mindless irrigation system based on Arduino and IoT technology. This Embedded project is to design and develop a low cost feature which is based on embedded stage for water irrigation system. This project uses temperature and soil moisture sensors to detect the water quantity present in agriculture. The project uses Arduino board that processes the information and acts according to the data. The aim of the implementation was to demonstrate that the automatic irrigation can be used to reduce water use.