Literature Review on Real Estate Value Prediction Using Machine Learning


Author(s): Akshay Babu, Dr. Anjana S Chandran

The real estate market is one of the most competitive in terms of pricing and same tends to vary significantly based on numerous factors; forecasting property price is an important module in decision making for both the buyers and investors in supporting budget allocation, finding property finding stratagems and determining suitable policies hence it becomes one of the prime fields to apply the concepts of machine learning to optimize and predict the prices with high accuracy. Therefore, in this paper, we present various important features to use while predicting housing prices with good accuracy. We can use regression models, using various features to have lower Residual Sum of Squares error. While using features in a regression model some feature engineering is required for better prediction. Often a set of features multiple regressions or polynomial regression (applying a various set of powers in the features) is used for making better model fit. For these models are expected to be susceptible towards over fitting ridge regression is used to reduce it. So, it directs to the best application of regression models in addition to other techniques to optimize the result.