Author(s): Anandhi D, Deepa S, Divya B, Padmanaban K

Admission application submission to the college has become a tedious and painful process. The existing admission process requires more manpower for managing the large crowd that assembles for admission. The costs of processing applications and employing additional manpower during admissions are slashed with the implementation of an online admission providing system. The authorized student can alone get the admission. For getting the admission the user has to give the required details and they have to attach the scanned copy of their certificates. The admin will verify all the attached documents and also verify the details given by the user. The admin will set the eligibility criteria and accordingly they will send the status information to the students. The student will receive the status information which shows whether they are eligible or not eligible to join the college. The eligible student can proceed further to pay their advance admission fees and the student can directly enter into the college. This increases accuracy and efficiency of the admission process by reducing the manpower and paper work.