Online Attendance Management System Using RFID with Object Contradict


Author(s): Dr. Pranav Patil; Swapnil Ghansham Chaudhari

Educational institutions proprietors in our country and the complete world are concerned about regularity of student attendance. Student taken as a whole academic performance is affected by it. The predictable method of taking attendance by calling names or signing on paper is extremely time consuming, and hence inefficient. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based attendance system is one of the answers to address this problem. A system that can automatically capture student?s attendance by flashing their student card at the RFID reader and save all the mentioned difficulties. A system that has been built using the web-based applications such as JSP, MySQL and Apache to cater the recording and reporting of the students? attendances. NetBeans IDE 6.1 is used for developing the overall system. We have proposed the system in this paper using C#. Microsoft Visual Studio is used for the system designing. Also, the issue related to fake /false attendance from beginning to end the RFID system has been addressed, we eliminate it by using a special object counter for the leader count.