Author(s): Shikha Choudhary,Namisha Mahajan

The mesh networks are the robust connectivity based network structures, which offers the interconnectivity and flexibility for the users roaming across the different types of networks. For example the cellular networks of type 2G, 3G and 4G are when roamed around by users, the connectivity is provided in every individual cell irrespective of the different connectivity standards. The mesh networks offers the higher order flexibility in the service oriented network communications (SONC), where the service-first on independent network infrastructures. In this paper, the robust routing mechanism has been proposed for the mesh networks for the quick convergence with smart network path updation. The new mechanism works on the basis of continuous monitoring of the target network link for the moving nodes in the wireless zones. The quick convergence based false routing mechanism is offered by using the link state routing with partial mesh sparse matrix. The performance of the proposed model has been evaluated in the form of number of aggregator nodes and energy consumption.