Author(s): Dr. K.Kavitha

The accessing of sensitive information from the cloud database is done through the internet. To avoid the hacking number of privacy preservation mechanisms such as cryptography, attribute-based models are employed. The existing systems suffer from the linear increase in time complexity with respect to increasing in cipher text size, lack of scalability, improper security. To overwhelm this difficulty, a novel Blowfish algorithm is introduced in this paper. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) technique used to encrypt and decrypts data to provide an enhanced security. This work provides better encryption rate in software, not providing effective cryptanalysis, provides security and flexibility and same key used for both encryption and decryption process. Whenever the user download the data, the key is essential to match for encryption key. If the key is unmatched the user can’t download the data. The experimental results evaluate the performance of the proposed blowfish algorithm in terms of security, efficiency, performance values and encryption.