Author(s): Odumesi, John Olayemi

The use of e-learning to support teaching and learning has expanded learning opportunities within the traditional education setting, yet e-learning is not free of challenges. There is increasing awareness on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in teaching and learning in Nigeria. E-Learning in Nigeria educational institutions are challenged by the new technologies in terms of availability and use. This study sets out to examine e-learning support at the Civil Defence Academy, Nigeria. The study presents the diverse learning technologies used at the Civil Defence Academy, Nigeria for teaching officers and men using two learning management systems (LMS) and new classroom technologies. A desk study was conducted into solving and achieving the research problem and objectives. This study used a combination of existing literature studies and direct in-depth primary research. The study established that, e-learning is in its elementary stage and for it to succeed in any Nigeria educational institution; it must be built on solid infrastructural background with highly effective and efficient internet connectivity.