Author(s): Laxman L. Kumarwad, Rajendra D. Kumbhar

Land is a unique asset because it is immovable, its value depends on its location and with growing population, its demand keeps increasing, while its supply is limited. So the importance of land records shown since the ancient India. Maintenance of land records and easily accessibility of land information is one of the most important issues facing citizens and government today. Maharashtra is one of the pioneer state in providing the electronic services to the citizens in India. National Land Record Modernization Programme is one of them. Maharashtra is the leading state in implementation of National Land Record Modernization Programme. Under this project, various components are implemented in various modes as pilot basis or state wide. Many National Land Record Modernization Programme projects have been successfully implemented in pilot locations and now they are on the borderline of the state wide rollout. Comprehensive land records modernization and management system is proposed under programme called “eMahabhoomi” by the Maharashtra State. District Collectorate office is responsible for the execution and implementation of the National Land Record Modernization Programme project through its subsidiary offices like Tahasil, Circle and Talathi offices in the district. In this article, researcher studied and presented the status, ground reality and issues in Land Record System of the Satara district.