Author(s): Pranayanath Reddy Anantula, Dr. G Manoj Someswar

Cloud computing has became a change over for all the enterprise applications. Everyone is adapting cloud and its services to operate their applications effectively, efficiently with minimum cost to company. The major concern for any organization is how data been handled in storing, processing and managing it in cloud. As data is storage in shared memory with multiple tenants, data must be protected from begin leaked and accessed by the other tenants. The classical approach is encrypting data before storing it into cloud. Similarly to access the data, we need to decrypt it before displaying to the user. This process takes more time in verification of key while doing encryption and decryption for each and every transaction. To reduce the time and add extra layer of protection we are using platform encryption process. In this paper we have proposed a platform encryption process that includes unique tenant and master secret keys. We combined these secrets to create unique encryption key. The key is used to encrypt and decrypt data on cloud.