Author(s): Mr. N.G.Gnana Muruga Gandhi, S.Vigneshwaran, Mr. S.Vellaisamy

The modern computing system has become more complexity due to its large number of its integrated components. The performance of a chip is decided based on its inter and intra chip communication efficiency rather than its individual components computation speed. If components are connected by means of direct wire it degrades the performance of a chip. Network on Chip (NoC) becomes a solution for better communication for inter and intra chip communication, which forms networks for communication within chip by means of metal interconnect. In case of large number of networks, due to the presence of metal interconnection it creates large number of cross links and coupling effects. It becomes a communication drawback in Network on Chip. Optical interconnection is the alternate solution for metal interconnection problem, in which the communication is made by optical signal. The network topology for optical communication and their arbitration schemes are used for proper communication. Optical turn around router is used for inter and intra chip communication network, the micro resonator acts as a switching element within this router.