Author(s): V.Jeevitha, M.Savitha Devi

As thumping sensitive data is shared and stored by third-party sites over Internet, the data in these sites will need to Encrypt. The main drawback of encrypting data is that it can be selectively shared only at a coarse-grained level (i.e., giving another party your private key). We progress a new cryptosystem for fine-grained sharing of Reencrypted data that we call Key-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption (KP-ABE). In our cryptosystem, cipher texts are labeled with sets of attributes and private keys are associated with access structures that control which cipher texts a user is able to decrypt. We explain the applicability of our construction to sharing of audit-log information and broadcast re-encryption with TPA (third Party Auditor). Our analysis supports delegation of private keys which Subsumes Hierarchical Identity-Based Re-Encryption (HIBR).