Security Enhancement of Wireless Systems by Using Frequency Hopping Technique


Author(s): Samir Jasim1 Ahmad T. Jaiad2, Hamzah Sabr3

The aim of this work is to design and simulate a frequency hopping spread spectrum system (FHSS). FHSS technique can prove the security of communication system across communication path. It is one of the essential types of spread spectrum techniques. Random binary sequence is used in the system to present the data and PN generator to control the sequence of output hops. The system has (63) random frequency hopping channels with hopping rate of 1600 hop/sec. The system data rate is (1Mbps) and data is modulated with GFSK modulation type. The RF channel that used in this system is the additive white Gaussian noise channel (AWGN). The transmitted data is received and (BER) of the system is obtained. The system is simulated by using MATLAB2013-Simulink program