Author(s): Lydia Robert-Edia, Blessed U. Yahaya

Nowadays mobile applications are becoming more and more universal. Due to increasing hardware enhancement on regular basis, multiple versions of operating systems and device specifications make self-adaption an essential attribute for mobile application’s architecture. Therefore, to cater for the dynamic environment, systems must dynamically adapt their architecture to fulfill functional and non-functional requirements. Stability of an architecture basically defines that how well an architecture will accommodate the changing requirements and adapt to the dynamic environment. Thus, behavioral stability of a self-adaptive system is a major concern while developing self-adaptive systems. To address this issue, we work out a methodical approach which can be used for the analysis and modeling of systems with enhance architectural stability; furthermore, this method emphasizes on the behavioral characteristics of a system during execution. For the proof of concept of our method, we applied this approach on the architecture of a mobile application. Our proposed model is focused to gain the stockholders’ desire for architecture stability and other related attributes. <