Author(s): K.Noel Binny; R.Kalpana

Message authentication is one of the best impressive ways to thwart unauthorized and corrupted messages from vitality delivered in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). For this reason, many message authentication schemes have been flourished, based on each of two, symmetric-key cryptosystems public-key cryptosystems. Most of them, however, have the constraints of high computational and communication over bearer in addition to lack of scalability and resilience to node compromise attacks. To overcome these problems, a scalable authentication scheme based on elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) has been used. But it is not semantically secure, means it is still possible to extract a message. And ECC is Complicated and tricky to implement securely, particularly the standard curves. So to provide a semantic security, a semantically secured message authentication approach is proposed. An authentication is provided by an ElGamal encryption algorithm. By this, it not possible to extract a plaintext message by knowing any information from cipher text message. Both theoretical analysis and simulation outcome determined that our proposed scheme is more efficient than the polynomial-based access in terms of computational and communication processing overhead under comparable security levels while providing message source privacy.