Author(s): Parthib Kumar Deb, Anirban Bhar, Soumya Bhattacharyya

Web development has now become the most valuable and necessary expertise in the software development business. Web development has existed for three main reasons: brand, product, and information. In the twenty-first century, everyone wants and uses a specific website to expand their ambitions, from business and e-commerce to IT industries, from hospitals and medical services to e-learning. As a result, the need for full-fledged web developers is fast expanding. According to a Stack Overflow Developer study, full stack web development will be the most popular occupation in 2022 (49.47 percent), and DJANGO will be the 10th most popular web framework (55.28 percent of workers worldwide). The Django framework is built on the well-known programming language PYTHON, which works on Backend of a website. Django is used to create a variety of strong, practical web applications that we use frequently in our daily lives, including chat, video conference, navigation, and food ordering apps. Django also allows us to develop different application programming interphases (APIs).