Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) is an emerging and developing trend in Digital Image Processing. CBIR is a technique for retrieving images on the basis of automatically-derived features such as color, texture and shape. With the large image databases, becoming a reality both in scientific and medical domains and in the vast advertising/marketing domain, methods for organizing a database of images and for efficient retrieval have become important. The current image retrieval systems for successful in retrieving image using keyword based approaches. Content based image retrieval aims for developing techniques with support effective searching and extracting from large image repositories. Identifying and representing the shape of object is very important for image retrieval applications. In this work, it has proposed shape based image retrieval for 2D vehicle images. We concentrated on single object vehicle image for image retrieval. Shape is the important and extract features of an image. The shape of the vehicle has been constructed and retrieved based on the query image. The performance of the proposed approach is compared with some of the recently approached similarity metrics such as Manhattan, Euclidian etc., Using these similarity metrics the classification process is been done. The experimental results of proposed approach are better Performance and increase an accuracy of image retrieval.