Author(s): Reshmi. S, Kirthika. B, Deepa. B

The aim of using CBC-MAC (Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) Message Authentication Code) for network virtualization is to protect from the interlopers, who is more capable of larceny data during transmission. This concept fully focusses on encrypting the chunk data for authentication purpose. Starting variable is used in the mode of data transmission. This is mainly used for transmitting the information randomly. Our approach is to introduce a virtual network in between the nodes to have more secured transmission and safer transmission. First the information is encrypted using cipher block chaining and authentication code is set with the help of another encryption done by virtual network using SSL3 Client Authorization Algorithm. SSL3 algorithm is used with MD5 (RSA data security) and SHA hash with RSA private key. Our approach is to make the information more secured while transmitting in these imminent interconnected networks.