Significant Applications of IoT in Covid Pandemic: A Systematic Review


Author(s): SASEEKALA.M

Today the entire world is in the exigency state-COVID-19 quarantine days. We should stay home to live. To avoid a fight over the spread of corona, the governments of all the countries have enforced a nationwide lockdown. Though the lockdown may have helped to control the spread of COVID, it has had a devastating impact on numerous domains like health, agriculture, education, global supply chains, trade, and various industries like automotive, power – electronics, travel, aeronautical, tourism industry…etc, which are the basic roots of the growth of a nation. This censorious situation can be wielded with the eminent technology ?IoT?. Anytime, Anything, Anywhere?- this is the most significant feature of IoT. Any real-world object can be transformed into an intelligent object by the technology ?IoT?. Because of the affordability and availability of smart devices, the entire world is more connected with IoT than ever before. From this standpoint, the authors have chosen five real-time areas health, education, industry, agriculture, and society. This survey initiates from the impacts of COVID in the above-chosen areas, how it diminishes the day-to-day events of human life, the vitality of IoT, how it helps to tackle the COVID issues without any quality degradation in this quarantine period. This systematic review completely appraises the innovations and contributions of IoT used by various researchers to defend the impacts of COVID and concludes with the pros and cons. A detailed exploration has been done in this article particularly on ?IoT in COVID pandemic?. This will be more useful to the researchers to acquire clear-cut knowledge about the power of IoT, in particular how IoT plays a significant role in the period of COVID and further assists them to travel towards an innovative and serviceable direction in their research.