Author(s): Dr. R. S. Talikoti, Prof. A. J. Mehtre, Mr. Sachin Manjalwal

The structural design in a limited sense also deals with design of various parts of a structure, and designed to meet the functional aspect takes in to consideration the purpose for which the structure is designed. In structural aspect, it is ensured that the structure is safe strong, durable and economical. The structures are designed for two criteria, viz, the structural safety and economy. Therefore the designed structure must satisfy strength stability and stiffness. The elastic and plastic method discussed so far is deterministic methods and factor of safety and load factor are selected on subjective judgment rather than any rational basis. So these methods fail to convey correct meaning of safety under all design situations Limit state design philosophy takes into account the statistical nature of loads and material strengths, thereby providing consistent levels of safety. It’s also considers the other requirements such as serviceability and durability. The conventional methods to introduce safety margin are: a) IS Elastic Method, b). IS Plastic Method.<