Study of Time Management Technique to Manage Stress among Software Professionals


Author(s): Dr. Pranav Patil; Jitendra Machindra Patil

India has a very exciting corporate sector which is one of the most important driving forces of its economic growth. Corporate sector has played a major role in the economic development of the country. The corporate sector separately from creating the riches for nation plays a significant task in the national economy by providing investment and employment opportunities. This is very positive part of the corporate sector. Due to these developments culture has changed food traditions have transformed to a great extent. Working environment has undergone lot of charges. Working stress is also growing day by day. These conditions are causing various health hazards in employees. A hazardous condition is one that damages the proper function of the body or one of its parts. The environment in which software industries are operating today is incessantly changing in term of organizational culture and climate due to increase in international business and foreign assignment. The study conducted by us also co insides with these findings. One of the major factor causing health hazards is work place stress. Work stress leads to suffer exhaustion in this industry. Their work nature is always time bounded and ambiguity Adequate knowledge about coping up strategies can be helpful in avoiding stress Proper time managements techniques will help to avoid stress This paper compacts with time management technique to avoid stress at workplace . We have collects 300 Information Technology (IT) professionals in Chennai city.