Author(s): Haitham Salman Chya, Raniah Ali Mustafa

Biometric authentication offers an authoritative and accurate approach in access control to identifying or verifying the identity of the individual using the system, through their behavioural and physical traits such as palm print, face, finger print, voice, iris etc. The field of Security, Forensics, and Banking pays great attention to biometrics. Individual traits cannot be forget or missing as compared passwords to and keys. They are also being much complicated to copy. For this reason biometric security systems are considered to be safer and very secure than conventional security systems. But every trait has its own disadvantages and advantages. In this paper, we propose a detailed background review for several techniques, methods and approaches used in the palm print authentication system with many various methods and procedures. A comparison of these security application technologies (dataset, pre-processing, feature extraction, Authentication/ security applications techniques and result) is also presented.