Author(s): Raniah Ali Mustafa, Haitham Salman Chyad

Two components are available from a biometric system: authentication and verification. Both of these features must be utilized at the same time by the biometric authentication methods, which must be rigorous enough to support them. The use of biometrics as a key is int ended to boost more effective security manner, reducing identification errors caused by human, improve user convenience, and automate security functions. Recognition of iris patterns is one of the most precise biometric authentication techniques. In essence, A biometric identification and authentication method is iris recognition that makes use of recognition algorithms on images of a person's eyes. In this study, we offer a thorough background analysis of a number of strategies, approaches, and techniques employed in the iris print authentication system using many different strategies and techniques. The dataset, pre-processing, feature extraction, authentication, and result technologies used in these security application technologies are also contrasted.<