Author(s): G. Dileep Kumar; Kolla Morarjee

Cloud Computing enables multiple users to, share common resources, and to store their personal and business information and access them. The major of the cloud users are from the internet. The users those who have valid authority on the cloud are called insiders. In all the remote users are to be treated as attackers in the security perspective. If the remote user is not an attacker then that should be checked by the security systems. If a valid user’s access details are stolen by an attacker, then attacker can enter and access the cloud as a valid user. Distinguishing the valid user and the attacker, the protection of the real user’s sensitive data on the cloud from the attacker and securing the fog cloud with decoy information technology are the major challenges in the field of cloud computing. The Decoy Information Technology is used for validating whether data access is authorized; in the eventuality of any abnormal information access detection it confuses the attacker with bogus information