System Design for An Intelligent Agronomic Advisory Application


Author(s): Kile Awuna Samuel*, Ebem Deborah and Adegoke, O. Folake

System designs plays crucial role in applications development. This is because the intended user only interfaces with the output of the executed codes of the application which is also designed for effective user understanding, making it the hub of system/application development. It is therefore very important in the development of the intelligent agronomic system since it shows clearly how the basic elements of the application will be interacting. So many applications exist without proper documentation of their designs defeating the importance of system design in software development. As such, the study aims towards achieving the system analysis and design for the intelligent agronomic advisory system. This is achieved using the unified modeling language structures like the use-case diagram, sequence diagram and database design. With this, it will be very clear for developers, users and researchers in making better their software.