Author(s): Amit M. Farkade; Miss. Sneha. R. Kaware

Android operating system is one of the most widely used mobile Operating System these days and also enhancing its use for making betterment in different areas of life. Android mobile operating system is based on the Linux kernel and is developed by Google and primarily designed for smartphones and tablets. Android Operating System consist of four main layers, the specifying architecture is given in this paper. The advanced Smart applications of android in mobile, real-time and wireless sensor network are widening their service areas. Android is a disruptive technology, which was introduced initially on mobile handsets, but has much wider potential. In this paper we are studying, one of the smart and enhancing Android operating system application which are based on Automated and tracking from remote distance. These application helps students, teachers, parents, patients and users of home appliance as anytime and anywhere basis. Being part of today’s advance world, using fastest acceptable and mobile Android Operating System it’s possible to develop automated attendance system, secure transferring of medical data and automated home appliance monitoring system.