Author(s): Monali Sahoo, Siddharth Swarup Rautaray, Manjusha Pandey

Since last two decades, data is growing exponentially due to the rapid evolution of new technologies, devices and communication means. This voluminous data with diverse variety generated with high velocity transform Data into Big Data. It is extensively used in marketing field, sales, banking, finance sector, healthcare, social media, tourism etc. But due to its ‘Big’ features in every aspect, it becomes difficult to handle it by traditional data processing applications. There are so many challenges while handling big data as difficulties lie in data capture, storage, searching, sharing, analysis and visualization. As large datasets are usually non-relational or unstructured, thus processing such data sets poses a significant challenge. Therefore, Big Data Analytics becomes the demanding field for researchers. It is not a single technology, but a data-driven approach used to develop and deploy customized solutions as it analyzes a large amount of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights. This survey paper, discusses the explicit characteristics of data which make it big data, different technologies required for processing of big data, applications and challenges in those applications for usage of big data. The objective is to explore challenges and identify the research gaps which will help researchers to provide effective and efficient solutions for real life problems in handling big data.