Author(s): P.Periyasamy, R.Anbuselvi

The Mobile Ad-hoc Network is an autonomous system of movable nodes, this type of a wireless network where the movable nodes dynamically form a network to exchange information without utilizing any pre-existing fixed network infrastructure. In this self-configuring type of network, any type of internal as well as external attacks is possible. When the source node has to transmit the data to the destination node, shortest path will be established between source and destination. The secure and the shortest path between the sender and the receiver ensure reliable data transmission. AODV is the reactive routing protocol which is used to found the shortest path (except malicious node), on the origin of hop counts. In self-configuring type of network, a lot of malicious (data loss) nodes may exits which are responsible for packet dropping. The malicious node impersonates a destination node by sending a spoofed route reply packet to a source node which initiates a route discovery (advertises itself that it is has the shortest path) causes attack. In this paper, we propose the secured solution and detection against attack by finding the optimum path in AODV protocol and providing high secured data transmission using AES Algorithm.