Achieving QoS in real world transmission using wireless application is a tedious as well as most needed task. More researches are carried out to achieve QoS in wireless media. Next generation is moving towards a hybrid network, which is a combination of mobile wireless ad hoc network (MANET) and wireless infrastructure network. This hybrid network constitutes a better alternative for future generation. Hybrid networks inherit invalid reservation and race condition problems by directly adopting resource reservation-based QoS routing for MANETs. QOD protocol has been implemented to guarantee the QoS in hybrid networks. QoD protocol provides high QoS performance. In this paper hybrid genetic PSO based QoD protocol has been proposed, by using hybrid genetic PSO (practical swarm optimization) algorithm for nearest neighbour identification procedure. By using hybrid genetic PSO the computational cost is reduced. Thus providing, an economic hybrid wireless network. Experimental result shows that, the hybrid genetic PSO based QOD protocol shows enhanced performance with cost reduction than QOD.