Various Phytochemicals Present in Maida Lakdi Litsea glutinosa (Lour) acts in the Management of Waja ul Mafasil (Arthritis) in a Clinical Trials


Author(s): Dr Zaibunnisa Begum; Dr Noor Banu Noorein; Dr Shenaz Begum Modi

Litsea glutinosa (Lour) Maida Lakdi is an evergreen tree belonging to family Lauraceae it is a native to India.1,2,3 Ethinomedically the bark is used by the traditional practitioners as a demulcent, emollient and in the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery. According to ancient Unani classical text books by our ancient scholars which was used for mostly bony diseaseslike Fracture (kasar), Joint pain(Hudaar), gout(Naqras), sciatica(lrqun nasa), anti inflammatory(Muhalil e Auram), spacity of nerves(Tashannunj e Asab), nervine tonic(Muqavi e Asab)etc. and now a days further activities were found by various scientific studies paving a way for multi functional activities like Anti oxidant , analgesic anti inflammatory, anti pyretic, anti microbial, anti bacterial, anti fungal anti helminthic, wound healing, hepatoprotective, nephro protective, anti infertility,anti hyperglycemic and anti hyperlipidemic