A Survey on Recall-Based Graphical User Authentications Algorithms


Author(s): D.Aarthi; Dr.K.Elangovan

A password is a secret word or combination of alphabets used for user authentication to establish self identity. This password should be kept secret from those not allowed to access. Now-a-days data security is the most describing problem. Token based authentication like Smart card, Biometric based authentication like iris, fingerprint, facial, Knowledge based authentication like text based and Image based password. Graphical user authentication (GUA) has been proposed as a possible alternative solution to text-based authentication, motivated particularly by the fact that humans can remember images better than text. In recent years, many networks, computer systems and Internet-based environments try used GUA technique for their user’s authentication. All of GUA algorithms have two different aspects which are usability and security. Unfortunately, none of graphical algorithms were being able to cover both of these aspects at the same time. In this paper we will study survey of different types of Recall-based graphical user authentication algorithm based on usability attributes and attack pattern those we found and also different factors affecting to it.