An Optimal Partitioning Algorithm of Mobile Device Interface to the Cloud Application Systems


Author(s): M. R. Sudha

The mobile cloud computing technology has developed as a new information technology infrastructure for the fast-growing IT industry. In cloud computing, information is eternally saved in big scale data centers on the Internet using the whole world and for the moment approached and cached on clients including desktops and portable PCs, sensors, etc. With the “cloud” as a symbol for the Internet, cloud computing assures to distribute extremely amenable data, software, and hardware requirements as a service to external clients with Internet accesses. The cloud computing is the fundamental technology to achieve proficient in the operation of IT solutions. The data stored in cloud contacts and the execution program is moved to cloud domain. The mobile user is set free from resource forced issue of existing mobile devices. Moreover, to advantage the cloud services, the communications between mobile devices and clouds are supposed through the wireless medium. So, new programmes of security and privacy challenges introduced. The purpose of this survey is to present the safety and seclusion challenges in this field which have developed much attention among the academic and research community. Strengthen by mobile cloud computing, previously unrealizable mobile applications are resulting from their way into mobile devices. These emerging applications range from portable storage and authentication and fast internet to synergistic affluent media services. However, the running and extensive operation of these requests confront various technical challenges across the different layers of wireless networks. The main difficulties of mobile cloud computing include as the improvement of next-generation mobile cloud computing services and appliances. The energetic distribution algorithms for smart devices linked to mobile cloud services, the plan of admittance and contact schedules for cloud computing in a mobile environment and the necessary augments in mobile cloud computing to make possible mobile rich media. In this paper, we presented a comprehensive survey of mobile cloud computing research, as the importance the specific interests in mobile cloud computing besides with various difficulties to be measured and their solutions.