Color Coding Features Based Image Retrieval Using SVM Classifier


Author(s): Krithiga. P.M and Uma Devi .S

The Image retrieval system has been implemented previously on various parameters likewise an image retrieval system returns a set of images from a collection of images in the database image content similarity, edge pattern similarity, color similarity, etc. In the existing system various algorithm is used such as Block Truncation Coding, which is used to define color alteration, and Arithmetic coding based on Histogram. An image retrieval system specifies an efficient way to retrieve a set of similar images by directly getting the image features from an image. In case of proposed system, image retrieval is presented by exploiting the SVM & EDBTC encoded data stream to construct the image features, namely Colour Cooccurrence and Bit Pattern features. This method is extremely fast and the image quality achieved is comparable to the previous method.