Complexity of Negation Domains, Swarm Optimization, Fractal Numbers and Experimentation


Author(s): Mirzakhmet Syzdykov*

In this article we present the latest results on extended regular expressions with negation domains along the previous works on the AND-operator within the labeled marks in subset construction by Rabin-Scott, the covered topics, however, aren’t limited to the regular languages as well as the unified algorithm for Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) by Marco Dorigo et al. – we define the framework within which it’s possible to solve fuzzy learning along the universal approach which is defined in AntTSP software package developed by us and available in the internet. We are not limited to these questions as we define discrete representation of number “Pi” along the fractal trees presented in the first concept book to describe these data structures as being well-formed for counting and other demanding solutions. The algorithm for unified Fisher correlation computing is also presented along the variety of factors in the source model and pre-defined constraints within the statistical analysis of each of the subset of these factors.