Author(s): P. Dhivakar, G. Jayaprakash

- In growing computer science world, a sorting algorithm is an efficient algorithm which performs an important task that puts elements of a list in a certain order or arranges a collection of items into a particular order (i.e. either ascending or descending order. Sorting the data element has been developed to arrange the array values in various ways for a database. For example, sorting will order an array of numerical data’s from lowest to highest or from highest to lowest, or arrange an array of strings or characters into alphabetical order. We are proposing a dual sorting algorithm based on the Quick Sort. In that First element taken as pivot element one and last element taken as pivot element two. The Sorting required at least two elements. It will start from the second element. Our proposed approach have compared with the existing sorting algorithm for Best case, Worst case, Average case, it provided the better results.