Author(s): Rashmi K. Mahajan , Prof. S. M. Patil

Providing security against the intruder is a challenging task in MANET due to unfixed topology, and lack of centralized control. Therefore it is crucial to develop suitable intrusion detection scheme (IDS) to protect MANET from malicious attackers. Most of the current Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) for MANETS rely on the Watchdog technique. To prevent the adversaries from forging the acknowledgement packets and to solve the issues regarding receiver collision, limited transmission power and false misbehavior problem of watchdog scheme a new Intrusion-detection system named modified Enhanced Adaptive ACKnowledgment (EAACK) using Elliptical curve cryptographic Algorithm (ECDSA) specially designed for MANETs. Compared to contemporary approaches, EAACK demonstrates higher Malicious Behavior Detection rates in certain circumstances while does not greatly affect the network performances.