Author(s): Prabhu K, Jayapriya K.N

The future application of vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) will be event driven and it will delivered different types of events to moving vehicles within a specified time. The proposed system involves publishsubscribe based communication framework for such environments in which vehicles subscribes to the service provider (SP) through Roadside units. Only a finite number of events can disseminate at a time, it has a cost associated with it. The formulations of RSUs are done to schedule the disseminations of events using two scheduling problems. The first problem aims to maximizing the number of subscriptions. The problem is to maximizing and matches the number of subscriptions, also aims to minimize the total cost of disseminating the events. The offline and online algorithms are designed for the problems that a service provider can execute to schedule event dissemination from the RSUs. Detailed simulations results are presented to show that the algorithms are able to match a high percentage of subscription with low average event dissemination cost for some realistic city traffic scenarios.