Investigation of A Very Sensitive Refractive Index Sensor Based On Waveguide Tm Mode Resonance and Design of a Plasmonic Sensor


Author(s): Hamid Abbasi*

This study proposes a highly sensitive refractive index sensor based on the TM wavelength resonance excited in a structure of a plasmonic sensor. The results show that the resonance wavelength will shift significantly with increasing and changing the refractive index, which shows that this method can be used to understand the resonance wavelength and refractive index. Based on this approach, the sensing characteristics, including the sensitivity and the Figure of Merit (FOM) and the Q quality factor, have been investigated, where the sensor sensitivity has reached 1165 nm / RIU. Compared to plasmon surface resonance sensors, which are based on a similar structure, the proposed sensor can achieve a more flexible range of wavelengths and a wider range of refractive index. Therefore, this method has tremendous potential for use in various fields of measurement, such as biochemical analysis and medicine, and can find useful applications in measurement systems and integrated circuits. Also, all the diagrams obtained in this research have been drawn using MATLAB program.