Multi-Layered Security Architecture for Wireless Network for Detection and Removal of Blackhole Nodes


Author(s): Maninder Kaur, Arshdeep Singh, Lakhvinder Kaur, Kulwinder Singh

The wireless network security has been emerged in the recent years, as the number attacks over the wireless networks have arisen. There are several types of attacks which affects the performance of the wireless nodes in the cluster, such as denial of service (DoS), distributed DoS (DDoS), blackhole, connectivity hole etc. In this paper, the security model to protect against the blackhole attack over the wireless networks, which evaluates the incoming data in the multi-layered security architecture. The proposed model combines the node authentication (nodeAUTH), data rate control mechanism known as Flow Analytical and Overhead Recognition (FANOR), malicious node detection model, which collectively controls the ingress data over the wireless cluster. The proposed model has been designed to protect the wireless network by detecting and bypassing the blackholes in the given network, which is followed by the blackhole node removal methodology. The performance of the proposed model has been analyzed under the various circumstances over the various target wireless nodes. The proposed model results prove the efficiency of the proposed model estimated from the evaluated performance parameters.