Real Time Face Recognition using Haar Cascade Classifiers for Door Unlocking System


Author(s): Abhishek Gupta* and Deepti Mittal

In many automation systems it became difficult for human being to retrieve the large datasets and data analysis and the same in image analysis. Now-days face detection has great impact in our daily life communication systems. Hence, face detection system is one of the important technology and playing important role in face recognition. Face Detection and Recognition both have active research areas over the past few decades and have been proven effective in many applications such as computer security and artificial intelligence. Conventional method of identification based on the exclusive knowledge like a social security number or a password are not all together reliable. Somehow password can be forgotten or compromised. But a face is undeniably connected to its owner. It cannot be borrowed or stolen. The system can compare scans to records stored in a central or local database. The software first captures an image of all the authorized persons and stores the information into the database. Having many applications this project is mainly for future features like security, safety, monitoring and control to home automation. A day to day home security level grown up to provide security to our house based on face recognition can be implemented. A standard web camera to capture the image to identify the visitor. It’s a method that identifies the visitor. If the face recognizes visitor, the door will be unlocked or opened. If they are not identified door will not be unlocked. The system will perform detection and recognition rapidly in real time when face in front of camera. This project basic utilizes the camera, and raspberry pi system to create a door unlocking mechanism. If the user at the door is recognized, door will be unlocked.