Simulation and Analysis of Imus Transport Plaza Terminal: Ridership


Author(s): Gil Christian C. Alvarez, Kenneth A. Brondial, Mark Allen M. Cabutaje and Jean Allyson S. Junsay*

Public transportation has been an essential part of everyday travel for Filipinos, Commuters or non-commuters, as it provides an option for everyone in means of making sure that people will arrive and will reach their desired place on time. Public transportation varies from jeepneys, tricycles, pedicab, multicab, buses, trains, etc. It has its advantages and disadvantages, but it helps commuters to travel from one place to another with cheaper cost and its daily availability for the public or its convenience. This project aims to model and simulate how and what is the process of passenger flow and the vehicle flow along the Imus Transport Plaza Terminal using Any Logic. The dataset that was gathered was collected directly at the Kapit-Bisig MP and Transport Service Cooperative’s office.